Tuesday, May 8, 2012


My Baby!

Hello! Well, I just want you guys to meet my baby, "Pogi" He is a guinea pig given to me by my uncle from Bulacan. He is soooo cute! Look! :))

Trixie "pogi"
There's actually a story behind my pet's name. His first name was Trixie, because I want names that has TR on it. And my uncle told us that he is a girl. So at first, we all considers him as a HER. :D

As we have seen his behavior with our other guinea pigs, we realized that SHE is a HE. :D Haha! So after realizing it, we come up with a name, Pogi.

We then realize that he was so irritated with us before because of calling him Trixie. Now, when I call him Pogi, he is very much comfortable. And he is the sweetest pet I ever had.

Having a pet could also mean, having another part of the family.

- with love, JOAN <3


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