Thursday, May 10, 2012


Summer Super Fun!

Under the Sun :D
This happened a month ago. We are at Green Nature Resort and Leisure Park in San Mateo, Rizal. Going there was an adventure! :D The flooring of the roads are tricky, full of rocks I say. ;)
It was very fun hanging out with my very good friends. We take several photos, but I only share this photo. :))
Watta pose! Haha! Well, I guess I am really an aspiring model :D
Enough with this photo. Haha! I was also glad that my skin was not too burned by the sun.
My skin color was kinda look the same.
It was an awesome outing experience! I was also glad that my father allow me to go with them. :D

End of Sharing! Thank You! :))

"SUMMER is the happiest season ever!"

- with love, JOAN <3


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